Beginning or End?



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We really are a fun loving species. Where else can you find violence, sex, alcohol, food, music and goofy characters all in one place. No wonder pleasure domes sprout like giant mushrooms upon the landscape. Even at the University level college is more about entertainment for the limbic brain than it is for shaping of the neocortex.

The ecosystem has evolved over several billions of years. Just recently an ape had the misfortune of evolving into the position of information/tool intermediary, the equivalent of RNA in cells. What does this mean? It means that a second complex adaptive system is now on the world stage guided mostly by the dopaminergic needs of humans – pleasure. It certainly isn’t guided by intelligence, doing the right thing to assure long-term survival. You have a lot of ape brains running around doing technology under a primitive mammalian guidance system and overall the process is leading them – towards a better world? Instead of having to meet tests of toxicity, recyclability and durability and ability to benefit the complex adaptive system over the long term, the temporary test like the temporary technology is whether it “makes me happy and it feels good.” That may have worked back when complex adaptive system I (DNA-RNA-Enzymes) was alone on the stage, but it doesn’t work so well now with the animalistic minds of humans.


Frightening to imagine that an organism with an emotional limbic system is in charge of these technological weapons and gets an adrenaline rush from violence.

Complex adaptive system II (CAS II)continues to advance in its technology, now seemingly making its greatest strides in biotechnology. It’s open to speculation whether CAS II will survive long enough to manipulate the human genome to make humans fit the technological system, more efficient and intelligent and less emotional. In short, taking the fun and spontaneity out of life. As I peer into the future I wonder, did the technological system change the human genome to fit the newest technological environments or did the emotional, maniacal brains of humans put an early end to technological evolution with ecosystem destruction, climate catastrophe and nuclear war. If we knew, that in the future, CAS II was to get control of our genomes and turn us into something smarter, more cooperative, better able to interact with the machines, then what would we do? Pull the plug on technological development? Mindlessly continue with the process and follow where it leads, even to extinction? Unfortunately people tend to think that the ultimate in technological advancement, humans adapted to space travel would convey to us a whopping dose of dopamine and opioids, the bread and butter of ape happiness. But, actually the need for all of that dopamine pleasure would likely be bred out of us or perhaps we would lust after technical information and good technical innovation. Right now we’re on course to destroy everything before CAS II can fully manipulate our genomes and shuffle them around according to its needs.


This may be what you great, great, great granddaughter looks like if CAS II needs something more functional in the technological realm, but then again she may look more like an octopus or perhaps be dispensed with completely. Maybe technology will eventually pull the plug on humans completely like Bowman did to the computer HAL in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. In that case this is what your granddaughter will look like when technology cuts the cord on the last human. But do not fret, we are making progress towards a better world.



Truthfully, look in the mirror, from where you started with technology, you’re already functionally and phenotypically half-way to your destination.


But I don’t think we have much further to go. Some things just don’t work out. Here’s a musical bone for the limbic system.