Photo by Dorothea Lange, migrant workers, Dust Bowl. RNA with nothing to do and no place to go.

Humans arrived at their current condition, technological civilization, without any planning or forethought. It evolved. Novel tools and combinations come, profit happens, growth occurs and technologies remain stationary, recede or transform. The most economical, effective means of obtaining resources and distributing product overcomes lesser ones and one type of infrastructure defeats others. The technological organism takes form and grows. Humans, the RNA part of the technological equation, believe that the entire “economy” is about them. The entire economy is there to serve their needs, to keep them busy building newer and more structures and product. Is it true? Is this why women entering the RNA “work force” have fewer children? Because their status has changed from natural human to human occupied in technological cell? Mothers are involved in educating and raising their children to be able to function in the factories of the future as productive members of society, but even that, with ubiquitous daycare, is being turned into a highly specialized technological function with carefully devised  tests for developmental progress.

We seem to think that producing complex tools and products makes us “intelligent” and special, but we were preceded in the act by a simple molecule which has been responsible for the building of equally impressive complexity at the cellular and organismal scale. How intelligent is a species that proceeds as blindly as the RNA within cells, rearranging information and turning out tools with reckless abandon. How intelligent is a technological society that cannot easily recognize the nature of its own origins and functioning and adjust its course so as to assure its own survival? We are as unconscious as a malignant cancer within a human body. We love the advantages, we love the growth, but we won’t love the death. It seems the unfortunate dynamic has been to pursue maximal growth vis-a-vis competing organizations or nations. The competition spurs growth and the more the periphery can grow, the more energy that can be fed into the central organs responsible for innovation. The quasi-speciation found with national and language identities has spurred a natural competition for growth and dominance that will be fed by fossil fuels and ecosystem resources until all is depleted. The progress is short-term and the winner shall claim title to – nothing.

It is unfortunate that the financial oligarchy often encourages this competition, making loans to each side of a conflict to stoke the metabolic and destructive fires. But they are possessed of one thing primarily, a dominant limbic brain constantly in search of reward at any cost. But there are billions of others in search of equal reward, the “working” man struggles through performing the routine motions of a factory/cellular RNA often receiving only enough to fuel the body while others turn employee efforts into rewards for capital.

All of your life you were told to get a good education, work hard, save money, reinvest, seek growth, become a success. Many will twist their brains to function within the system for the highest compensation possible as engineer in charge of mutating technological information, doctor in charge of repairing RNA ( especially those damaged ones that are an asset to society), lawyers maintaining the behavioral integrity of the system, bankers enabling the process of growth, mass media specialists to shape the hive mind of the masses of more common RNA/humans, military officers educated to fight foreign competitors while always fighting under the illusion that the “others” are evil, evil, evil, while fulfilling the energy and resource goals of the organism.

Many RNA think they can use their little cellular factories to fill their pockets with loot and escape, but there is no escape. There will only be a zero-sum game that will stretch far into the future until the natural productivity of the earth once again exceeds the needs of the human population – a much, much smaller population. Zero-sum competitions tend to be rather contentious and desperate. The final destruction and collapse will leave humans with less than at the beginning of their technological odyssey. With the residual toxicity of industrial civilization potentially poisoning the biosphere for tens of thousands of years, there is some question whether there will be many surviving at all. And as we enter this zero-sum environment the population continues to grow and governments struggle for growth, now at the expense of some other nation that has lost in the competition. It is folly to believe that some period of austerity foisted upon a population by financial interests will result in economic health sometime in the future. In a zero-sum environment it is simply the final taking, I win, you lose.



The Aral Sea once was – another result of techno-buffoonery.