Even today the theory of evolution cannot provide the “comfort” afforded by other explanations of our origins. The very presence of “high school” proves the theory of evolution even though the humans above resist the teaching of “evolution” in their high schools. Picture taken at the time of the Scopes Monkey Trial.

Brain real estate is limited and always has been. The neural tissues must be fed and fed richly. Those functions and abilities that contribute most to survival are therefore more fully represented. Only recently in human evolution has language been given greater increments of neural space even as a rapidly expanding brain and skull struggles to exit the birth canal. Prior to our technological emergence, it is reasonable to believe that greater percentages of neural tissue were more fully dedicated to functions other than language, writing and scientific reasoning. Relic brain functions have been conserved even as humans have transitioned to RNA-like functionality.

It is as easy as observing how most humans spend their time to determine the evolved nature of the brain. Even though the brain has evolved to allow a nascent technological emergence, the old behaviors, those expected to arise in a tribe of social apes, are still extant and dominant. Our preoccupation with competitive hierarchy, sports (tribal warfare), gossip, good vs. evil, religion, Facebook socializing, entertainment, politics and emotions, feelings and the unending quest for “happiness” bespeaks an ape whose brain has changed just enough to move it from under the trees on the savannah into technological cells while retaining most of the social behaviors evolved in the past.

Even though the typical human wakes up and must report to a cell for work, they are also occupied with who did what to whom, gossip of all sorts, the presidential race, God, what is good and what is evil, how they will climb in the tribal hierarchy and obtain rewards, and who won the game last night. Then it’s off to work to go through the motions that technological society demands, especially in its competition with other technological societies. The typical human is running on automatic and has no idea how they came to be except to say that God made them that way. They have no idea why they have to spend so much time in school, why they have to learn to read and write, nor why they typically have to spend most of their lives within four walls going through some well-defined set of motions. Some people become rich by determining the behavioral tendencies of humans, setting up technological production facilities (cells) and then making product available. If the opioid triggers are released, or if a mass marketer can instill the idea that product consumption will release great pleasure, then the dopamine shall flow and the human shall move towards the product and purchase it, providing a nice profit for the business. All production is not glitzy and about human desire. Some is about infrastructure, the nuts and bolts of putting together distribution systems and cells. But in the end, it is the old behaviors which must be fed.

Humans are mostly unaware that using technology to eat and despoil the biosphere is necessarily a bad thing, especially since they are trapped within an evolved mental cocoon more suited to jungle tribal life than technological existence, where their attentions are constantly upon those things their brains are evolved to notice (Facebook Twitter, office politics, presidential politics, religion, gossip, sports (how did our warriors do against theirs). The MSM simply panders to human behavioral/attention proclivities to gain as much profit as possible even though their “attention” should be focused upon things of real importance, like the collapse of their feeble cancerous civilization. Since most humans are still not awake and have nearly accomplished the destruction of their environment, it is unlikely that they will ever be awake. Instead they will fall back into their default mode, fight over a “fair” share of resources, gossip, play politics, believe in Gods, go to war with neighboring tribes, think very little and seek any reward the environment still offers.



The rollercoaster isn’t going to stop back under the tree in the savannah but rather somewhere in isotope fission wonderland. Everyone off, the ride is over.