This video is great. Shows the compressed metabolic activity of Los Angeles. Remember, this outlandishly large scale growth has spread all over the earth, for now.

The activity depicted in the video clip above is probably little different than what occurs in your body. Numerous cellular structures, distribution lanes, the flow of essential materials into and out of cells. As I’ve mentioned before and as a result of our natural heritage, human RNA travel to and from their work cells to their domestic cells – just a human preference not to live in high-density, concrete-clad environments 24/7.  They may even go fishing, hiking or hunting on the weekend or just hang out on a concrete street corner doing social monkey things. It takes 19 million barrels of oil per day converted into kinetic energy to keep metabolites moving in the United States plus an additional amount on the farmlands to make sure the RNA are adequately supplied with food. Prior to our malignant conversion the ecosystem could only support a relatively small number of large predators by concentrating plant energy in large herbivores. We were probably just marginal meat eaters and the top of the food chain (lions and tigers and bears) fed upon the wayward monkey. But you have to be in awe of these giant tumors like Los Angeles, the outlandish scale of energy consumption is simply orders of magnitude greater than what the ecosystem could ever support or will ever be able to support. The only reason it exists is because of the rapid draw-down of fossil fuels, soil, water, mined metals and other resources. Humans have evolved to initiate and bring to completion this orgy of consumption. It won’t last and is currently beginning to break down. It couldn’t have been stopped as we have no free will in the face of such glorious rewards.

The oil seesaw is now in motion, high prices (broke economies) followed by low prices (broke energy sector) will eventually lead to signs at the gas stations “NO GAS” or alternatively “NO MONEY” in the pockets of unemployed RNA. Just sort of crept-up on our perceptive leaders who now scramble to squeeze oil from rocks and make sure the Middle East jugular doesn’t get cut. That’s the way exponential growth is, it’s the last doubling that catches you by surprise.