“In God We Trust” because belief in God ushered in organized civilization and cancerous growth in the ecosystem which continues to supply us with bountiful rewards. There is no more suitable place for this phrase than on a Federal Reserve Note or Dopa-Dollar.

“In God We Trust” to provide ample rewards for our dopamine-controlled brains to pursue. “In God We Trust” that the opioids will be potent and long-lasting and that we shall have even more heavenly reward after our deaths.

Since our time as annelid worms pushing through marine sediments to tiny shrews sniffling and snuffling through the litter of the forest floor, our nervous systems have primarily evolved to detect nutritional and sexual rewards. Since our heads, brains and appendages have popped-out of the simple body plans of the worms, the mobile alimentary canals, we have changed in the sophistication of the processes but not in the purpose. The purpose is an almost continuous search for nutritional substances to maintain cellular processes. Today’s human, with greatly expanded brain, spends most of its time thinking about, searching for and trying to access rewards, nutritional and simply entertaining.

It is interesting that religion and promises of an afterlife seem to coincide with the emergence of civilization which requires moral behavior between large populations of unacquainted individuals to achieve goals that maximize the flow of energy and resources through the system. Or perhaps at first it was simply satisfying the Gods that was impetus enough to support the temple. A key component of many of these religions is to offer the God rewards in the form of sacrifices, food or some other thing of value. It may be at that all roads of the expanding civilization lead to the temple which were generally very expensive and elaborate. The God and temple organize the populace and concentrate energy/matter with the priestly class in the temples. The role of the religious hierarchy seems to have been taken over by government, the bureaucrats of the abundance, the managers of the system. Even the President must place his hand upon a Bible to take an oath of office. Life certainly was less complicated in the non-cancerous state of the worm going about its business in the dark humus. The discovery of fossil fuels accelerated the concentration of wealth into non-religious institutions with a mandate similar to that of the religious, to intervene not by prayer and special intercession with the Gods, but to intervene in the natural world by using the leverage of the new found fossil fuels to advance knowledge and the engineering of tools. Expansion for “progress” has been happening ever since, until now, when the finite limits of resources are finally being tested by the expanding cancerous civilization.


The Unifying Principle in which surplus is collected to appease the Gods and provide for a specialized priestly class, perhaps involved in the development of various alpha-numeric systems.

“Bless us oh Lord, for these thy gifts, which we are about to receive through thy bounty, through Christ Our Lord, Amen.” That man should pray for more bounty comes naturally. The “bounty” was enabled primarily by the newly evolved use of information and tools and the organizing forces to concentrate the energy and resources.

The bad news is that what the Lord giveth, the Lord can also taketh away (and most assuredly will on a massive scale without concern for suffering, debasement and extinction.)

Mindless RNA people, get back to your cells and continue working on your rewards. Pursue more education to become more capable RNA, build more roads into what remains of nature. With ten-billion people on earth each wanting to own a few profitable cells populated by less fortunate RNA, the competition for a life of leisure and consumption shall continue. Three billion more people will require at least six billion new industrial cells (factories, homes, shops) and the feedstock to keep their metabolisms going. Let’s get on with it, let’s put an end to this insipid cancerous drama as quickly as possible and achieve the maximum build-out. God bless America, capitalism, and growth.

I’m adding more profitable cancer cells to my portfolio this year. I hope the neoplastic wealth enhancing force is with you too. If not, you should get to church and make some sacrifices, perhaps Federal Reserve Notes, for divine intercession. I think I’ll use some of the profit to burn some aviation fuel, clear some more land, build roads and watch the little house cells pop-up, ready for fossil fuel nourishment. How long will it take renting RNA slaves to retire my loan? Only twenty years of their productive, mindless lives. Thank you, thank you very much. I love you, my children love you and especially my banker and priest love you. Continue paying your tithes and taxes, infinite progress and everlasting life can be yours, or at least support the “establishment”. The technological singularity and/or rapture await. God bless your soul and your portfolio.