Metastatic Technological Man – One Earth is Never Enough

Most citizens are trying to maximize dopamine/opioid returns within the spreading cancer and promote growth figureheads for President while the ecological body continues to weaken and shrink from the assault. “We want more!” is the mantra, but the cancer has already blown through most of its easily accessible black oil glucose and substituting natural gas and coal only adds to the physiological disruptions within the body, producing conditions unfit for life. The human RNA want a higher quality of life within their technological cells. Visions of rewards dominate their brains as they dedicate their prefrontal cortices to the task of planning  routes to the numerous opioid levers. “What classes should I take? What college should I attend? Which people should I brown nose to get a step up? How can I use that person to advance my cause?” Little are they aware in their daily musings and metabolic activity that the processes of death have begun to creep into the system -the impairment of technological and biological metabolic activity.

The ecosytem eats sunlight, carbon dioxide and water and turns it into sugars and other biomolecules. Through the acidification of the oceans, physical displacement by the cancer, poisoning by the cancer, and the prospect soon of temperatures hot enough to kill a large proportion of plant life, we will face a situation where primary production is severely damaged. It is likely to be inadequate to maintain the lives of the seven-billion human RNA that occupy the technological cells. Add to this that the technological energy inputs are also to diminish and decreasingly foster monocrop growth in a hostile environment. Rationality in service of survival would indicate the need for a purposeful and rapid contraction of the cancer and yet the humans, dominated by thoughts of reward, will only consider growth and more jobs as a panacea.

To a large extent these “doomerish” ideas will not even take hold in the human mind. Doom for the typical inhabitant of the technological cancer is not having enough money to buy case of beer on Friday night and/or not enough gas money for the high-tech automobile that shuttles them from cell to cell. Even these inconveniences are forgotten as the brain/body focuses on substitute rewards. The earth’s capacity to sustain life will be considered, but only after all more immediate needs and wants are met, and since human desire happens to be infinite, with new products marketed to us every day, the ecosystem will be destroyed and so will the dependent technological system. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” The Declaration of Independence written by the wisest men of the day, unaware that the advent of tool and information use in humans coupled with certain inalienable rights (endowed by their creator) including life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness would result in a cancerous growth capable of bringing and end to most of the ecosystem and itself.

It is difficult to argue with certain inalienable rights endowed by a creator. I wonder if the creator endows cancerous human cells the same rights to life, liberty (from restraint) and the pursuit of happiness (more consumption, metastatic growth) even though it can kill the person in whom it flourishes. Undoubtedly the creator (sum total of physical and chemical forces) is not conscious and moves spontaneously in any direction that quickly degrades energy, even though damaging to the long-evolved mother system. It is common for humans to say “God is in control.”, and in a sense that is correct, but the “God” does not serve human ambition or longevity but rather uses the disposable technological conduit to further the real goals of the universe which does not include progress in complexity that enables energy transformations. Humans seem to be automatons, dopamine dupes that must serve the ephemeral masters of the universe. And while the ecosystem goes all to hell, bright men and women work upon escaping the dying body, to Mars and beyond, more dopamine dreams for the neural tissue that never really grew-up. The more outrageous the reward, the more energy and resources that can be dedicated to it, like spreading to Mars or living forever. By some accounts, the larger and more elaborate the conduits, the more energy that will magically flow through them. Perhaps all we need is a “new world order” to align civilization’s productive efforts into the construction of a new, super-ziggurat where the high priests of finance, religion and technology can practice their ju-ju upon the people – until death do them part.