Humans are on a journey to a higher high, an opioid-optimized existence, an endless orgy of self and mutual stimulation. How else could it be given our brain chemistry and the magic crack sunshine conveniently stored by nature for us to find at some propitious moment. This is the propitious moment – beginning to run thin. It does make sense that evolution would push the species into information and tool use, headlong without any means to restrain itself and that competition would propel it at hyper-speed to some immovable object. The immovable object is just ahead. Do you feel stupid? Should you? Of course not, it’s not about smart or stupid, it’s about feeling good. You were born into a self-organizing system, educated, stuck in your little cell and told to maximize the optimize. And now that you’re not traveling fast enough towards the carnage that will be your destiny, you must start discriminating between us and them, those that will get and those that won’t. You want to be on the winning side, after all our species is a winning species and you deserve it. You must build walls and send them back. If you get their jobs, you’ll be just as poor and enslaved as they were. Have some fortitude and send back the billionaires and the chirpy, perky one-percenters. Build a wall and put them on the other side. But what the hell, we’re in this to optimize our experiences. We need a bigger than life Horatio Alger character or a Sachsyphant to show us how to get more. Grow cancer grow, life is short, shorter than you know.

I think we can build models now to show where all of this is going (economists no admittance, really you guys, I’d be ashamed), but it really doesn’t matter. The Club of Rome’s Limits to Growth report was enough. The cretinous masses of the world looked up only long enough to guffaw before contemplating their next self-enhancement. Nothing has changed except our nearness to the black hole of extinction.

Earth, Wind and Fire – Fantasy


You Only Live Twice – John Barry

Even the bankers and economists should know you don’t “live twice” at +10C, you don’t live at all.

All hail Guy McPherson for getting rid of his insipid, bovine, amatuer commentariat (except for you Apneaman). I guess I won’t be leaving any more comments there.

Below is a short addendum. Just want to keep you up to date on the Ark here in Kentucky. The Lexington Herald-Leader article states that you can fit 120,000 sheep in the cargo space, three space shuttles on the roof and its construction used 3,300,000 board feet of wood. Not since the Great Pyramid at Giza has the world beheld such a wonder. I really hope it’s equipped with an adequate sprinkler system, lightning rods and eighteen holes of inspirational goofy golf.