Arecibo Observatory – Puerto Rico

Simple Definition of artificial – Merriam-Webster

  • : not natural or real : made, produced, or done to seem like something natural

  • : not happening or existing naturally : created or caused by people

  • : not sincere

    If Artificial Intelligence is not natural, then people are not natural, but I have shown that people are natural, evolving and functioning in a manner similar to the RNA in cells. Intelligence cannot be artificial or not natural because humans are completely natural in their technology ( and also highly destructive and cancerous.)


The minions continue to slave away in their factory and office cells, reading the information, making changes, building tools. Their ultimate goal is Artificial Intelligence or AI. They think that this will be as magical as Disney Land with a cornucopia of new knowledge flowing into the coffers of mankind. Fusion plants, solar arrays and workable batteries will spring-up upon the landscape and our problems will be solved because of this new, unimaginable, silicon intelligence. But of course their activities will devolve into competition, and the “robot” society that can rid itself of the necessity of humans will conquer the one that coddles and supports both humans and their environment. This exercise in AI is an exercise in creating stupid-squared. If you are the most intelligent organism on the planet (at least technologically), why create something that is faster, more resilient and more adaptable, that will likely use its abilities to eliminate you. Our advantages so far (being made systematic) have only resulted in a cancerous growth. Do we need cancerous growth squared? And to what purpose?

Perhaps the machines will do what humans cannot. They will watch all humans with scanners as they go to and from their cells, examining their brains for rebelliousness, unapproved pregnancy, fat content, tumors, temperature and eliminate them on the spot with a lethal injection, then process their bodies in the efficient Soylent Green wafer factory. RNA must be controlled in the system, or its tendency to reproduce autonomously will destroy the system. Will the machines believe in God? Will they have a system of morality reserved for similar tribal machines, but conduct war upon other mechanical tribes while paying as much attention to their human component as we pay to our cells? Humans believe that their AI will expand the cornucopia of consumption, but that is not the case, unless of course one nation’s AI eliminates the populations of all other tribes (nations) on earth.

It seems we’re building our own AI prison where we will be scanned, surveilled, evaluated and managed. But alas, this singularity of stupidity will never come about as the pillars of both the ecological system and the technological system are crumbling beneath us.

The Chinese have built the largest radio-telescope in the world to listen for aliens. I’m sure they would like to know how things turn out with the cancerous growth of industrial society. Before their disintegration, it is likely that they will only hear the static of the universe, and if they’re very lucky they will hear a few technological squeaks emanating from some faraway planet whose life has served-up a species that creates and surrounds itself with technological information and tools and lives and works in factory cells. I wonder if we’ll hear them cheer the magnificent growth rates their societies are experiencing before they fall silent.

Perhaps the machines will one day have their own 4th of July holiday marking their independence from the humans and have EMP fireworks just to titillate the circuitry. Maybe, maybe, maybe, not.