Even though the lights at night as seen by satellite do not correspond exactly to GDP, they do provide some idea regarding the growth of the technological malignancy. The malignant cells within our bodies are not bioluminescent and must be labeled with a radioactive tracer like fludeoxyglucose, an analogue of glucose. It’s just our luck that technological growth and cells are for the most part bioluminescent with variations in intensity indicating, to some degree, differences in metabolic activity. Our scientists, the one’s that investigate and record natural phenomena to add to our analog world, have had the good sense to develop the technology of sensing to include satellites capable of recording this luminous phenomenon. Even though they are quite adept at designing, building and deploying the technology, they have not been able to adequately interpret the data. For instance the picture below was found on a NASA website.


“Prosperity Shining” and “Megacancer” – two sides of the same coin.

Imposed upon the satellite imagery of worldwide, metastatic malignancy are found the words “Prosperity Shining”. Hmmm. I will have to agree that cancers, and especially our technological one, have runs of prosperity. After all, all of the restraints are removed and growth ensues, destroying the delicate complexity that enables life. But it does feel good, in a certain sensational way, to devour and wreck everything in your path on a one way trip to ……………death.

The picture below is of South Korea, before and after. After what, I’m not quite sure, 5 years, 10 years, it doesn’t really matter. By damned if it doesn’t look like a lung pet scan with numerous tumors and small spots of metastatic growth. There’s really nothing more that the human RNA like more than more wealth pumped into their cells from the reservoirs of fossil fuels and the ecosystem. The pathologist (myself) has carefully evaluated this radiograph below and can confidently report that the condition is Stage Four.


But Korea is the tale of two countries, one (South Korea) megacancerous, the other suffering from involuntary controls via dictatorial control. It surprises me that no metastasizing cancer has liberated North Korea’s resources with freedom and democracy. It must mean they don’t have anything worth taking and spreading into that sparse landscape is more trouble than it’s worth.



India, between 1994 and 2010 has shown very robust growth, no doubt pulling many RNA into cells to work in luminous environments. The cancer seems to be spreading and the metabolism growing in intensity. It doesn’t seem that there could be another doubling of growth within this political boundary, let alone support of existing development for more than a decade of two.

india 2010


I’ve included a couple of links to large satellite views of night lights. It appears that a lack of water (required for human RNA and industrial processes) and extreme cold are limiting factors in technological cancer metastasis. I think one image is 2.1 gb, so be forewarned.