I’ve been watching several of the Vice News video clips on Youtube lately. Liberia, North Korea….. You may think that these people are somehow different from various developed world populations. But I’ve come to the conclusion that all populations are susceptible to molding into an apparently insane state of mind. Whether it be the followers of former General Butt Naked in Liberia or the followers of Kim Jong-Il in North Korea, the followers of ISIS in the Middle East, or the followers of Jim Jones in Guiana. There always seems to be a strong leader, a group think and a reluctance on the individual level to diverge from the prevalent belief system. Generally people do not want freedom of mind, but rather the comfort of belonging to a group (no matter how insane or immoral) that is part of a movement to satisfy their desires and alleviate their fears. Young males are often the first to take part as they are naturally inclined to strive for power, wealth and mating opportunities which, in declining economies, may not be available without taking short-cuts (like picking-up a gun and taking what you want). Instead of picking up a gun, Kim Jong-Il wants to pick-up a nuclear missile and take what he wants. Maybe he’ll grow out of it. This is further evidence, if we needed any, of the subconscious limbic system pulling the strings to get what it wants. In other words, I don’t care if we have to believe in unicorns and fairies as long as we get what we want. Many children will believe in Santa Claus long after their rational minds are giving them hints, because they know if they pretend to believe, they’ll get what they want.

Many people will put their faith in something like gold and believe post-collapse we will just revert to an earlier model of commerce and everything will be all right, especially for those possessing the gold. These people are likely to be disappointed because if gold does become very valuable, then those that believe in lead shot will soon deprive them of it. It is more likely, in poor conditions, that General Mosquito, General Rambo or General Butt Naked will show-up at your door and want not only your gold, but your children for the nights “ceremonies” and feasts. I have no doubt that those in the West that are susceptible to belief and group think would also do heinous acts without hesitation. The U.S. military’s Abu Ghraib prison is another good example of group think taking over and the dehumanizing of the opposition. But in any case, listening to people that want constant reassurance about gold is ridiculous. Gold is mostly what is seen in the picture below.




The world is full of people that are willing to believe irrational things in order to get what they want, including the assuaging of the fear of death with a resurrection into heaven. Once again the limbic system is in control. Where does the limbic control of the mind stop? In collapse.

There is an equally absurd belief in technological progress, the same technology kept alive by fossil fuels that is poisoning the biosphere and is of limited supply. Technology doesn’t progress, it just serves the Maximum Power Principle and makes our eventual terminal destination arrive that much faster. There’s a belief for that too – colonizing space so we can continue growing.

And finally a picture of a cute and cuddly friend for our limbic brains, for the emotional side that doesn’t know how to speak in words and really doesn’t know anything about anything. I just feels.


All of the dog lovers hoarding gold must love this short blog post by now.


Here’s a link to the Vice HBO Korea/basketball short video.

Just don’t worry, Kim Jong-Il will get his nuclear warhead on a missile, Dennis Rodman will get another piercing, the executives will lie again regarding the next Fukishima (radiaton is good for you) and everybody gets a dog for their touchie-feely needs. It’s a limbic world, most of the rest is just made-up.

You can witness the limbic system at work here too in eating dog. The rationalization is that some dogs are pets and some dogs are food. That’s O.K. because we’ve got to make a living. What would they do if they got hungry enough?