It seems that Thanksgiving and its cohort Black Friday are approaching once again. This year those that earned a minimum wage (14 billion in 2015) will be fighting it out for the precious jewels from China, while those on Wall St. that received bonuses (28 billion in 2015) will not be in line at the local Target, Wal-Mart or Best-Buy, but will be jetting off to the nearest ski resort, if they can find any snow. Just another tiny positive feedback to add to Guy McPherson’s long list – no snow equals firing-up the snow-making machines which directly or indirectly belch CO2, which ultimately result in even less snow.

I just watched this video once again, its not very long. For some reason it reminded me of the usual melees occurring at the Black Friday retailers and as a bonus you can observe an artistic dramatization of the birth of the technological cancer. It’s title should be “2001: A Space Odyssey – The Dawn of Cancer.” It really captures the advent of tools which are initially used to beat the hell out of other Homo sp. and large herbivores.  And then there is the techno worship later on as they gather around the monolith. The culmination of the movie is the battle between Homo sapiens (RNA) against the machine it has created.

But let’s get back to Thanksgiving, the time to be thankful to God for making us the cancer and not some other species. If turkey’s were the chosen ones you might see a white-haired, 400 pound Ronald Reagan on the table or at least some GMO corn.


This is the turkey the cancer built. The dignitaries are going to pardon the turkey in a spectacle of kind heartedness, but 50 million or so other turkeys will be taken from their cells and distributed to nourish the technological RNA in their homes. Over the years the tools used to defeat nature have changed, but not the inherent greed. Soon those in attendance will sit at tables, dopamine levels elevated, salivating like a Pavlov’s dog, ready to cut into the flesh of their Frankenstein poultry.

Speaking of salivating and dopamine and rewards and the like, this is one of Pavlov’s original dogs, stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey of course and in a museum. Notice the saliva collector at the side of the dogs head. High dopamine levels and dinner bells can make the secretions flow. No turkey for you Rover.


And who is the real culprit behind all of this greedy behavior inherent to energy burning conduits? See photo below.


And there it is, the bilaterally symmetrical limbic monkey-in-the-middle (MITM). I’ve removed the frontal, parietal, and some of the occipital lobes so you can see. The white areas are intimately wired to the higher brain structures which have expanded to give us speech, plenty of space to build analog world, association areas, planning areas and social morality but the monkey in the middle still decides what we want to do. It really does want to do all kinds of devious things and then use the cortex to make up some kind of excuse like “manifest destiny” or “we’re gonna shoot some deer so we’ll have somethin’ in the freezer” when actually the monkey in the middle just wants to go hunt and kill something. It really causes some contortions when the rational mind serves a nugget of truth to the MITM like “if you continue burning fossil fuels it’s over” but the MITM only knows what feels good and what feels bad and burning fossil fuels doesn’t feel bad, but shopping on Black Friday feels really good. Decision made.


Eat lots of turkey and buy lots of stuff. It’s what your master wants you to do. Chime in the Christmas music. “Have a holly jolly Christmas, it’s the best time of the year……….” and don’t get bit by rabid shopping monkeys.