The amygdala, part of the limbic system, is involved in the perception of danger, associating various “bad” stimuli with an emotional fear response. The world of dissipative structures can be a very nasty place, with individuals and groups vying ruthlessly for survival. I was thinking that it would not be very conducive to effective functioning to have this fear rattling in the brain all the time just by thinking about what “could” happen. It should only rattle when danger is present and imminent. If it were to go off regularly with just the thought of bad things, the person so afflicted would have a severe case of post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. If a person had PTSD from a wide variety of thoughts, imaginary and real, then they would be unable to function and you might find them in a corner whimpering. These people likely wouldn’t survive. Evolution had to find various means to turn off the fear so the organism could go about getting the energy needed for survival. This is why we don’t have the motivation to react to future dangers like climate change. The amygdala is kept from rattling by defensive measures like delusional beliefs or denial. The organism is therefore not incapacitated by fear and can go about its essential business of gathering resources. And that is what is occurring today as most people eliminate fear of the future and go about their daily lives.

Financial advisers and their clients alike are good at suppressing any fears with delusion, like the economy will grow forever and you will always be able to exchange you dopa-dollars for real resources. The human is well-equipped to not let anything interfere with their primary, day-to-day, resource gathering imperative. They will continue to operate within the technological metabolism in a state of mental torpor as things gradually decline. God is in control. Even as the a tsunami comes ashore it takes the water to reach chin-deep before some people have an adequate fear reaction, then it’s too late. There seems to be very little fear of the climate and economic catastrophes that are developing. God would never let that happen, just as he would never let the faithful truly die.



Just relax and don’t worry, smoke a dollar-doobie, U.S.A. is number one. and God is in control. Everything is going to be O.K.

Maybe some of us like the thrill of the amygdala going off again and again as we contemplate what is likely to occur, but for a vast majority, bad things are never going to happen and the amygdala sleeps as the body goes about its daily routines. Eventually the clarion call will be sounded, only many decades too late.

I’ve always wondered why “doomer” sites never get much readership. By the same mechanism that people use to go about their daily lives with thousands of nuclear warheads pointed at them and the possibility of accidental or preemptive launch. People can put so much out of their minds just so they can get up and function in the morning.