The red spot above is a depiction of the nucleolus inside a eukaryotic cell nucleus. It is the area of ribosome assembly.

The most active part within the nucleus of a cell is the nucleolus, an area where ribosomes are assembled from rRNA transcripts from DNA and protein. In essence this is the area where the cellular machinery is made. The ribosomal machinery is all pretty much the same and when exported into the protoplasm, is charged with assembling various proteins from the amino acids and messenger RNA delivered to it. Other parts of the nuclear DNA, less active, will code for RNA messages to be sent out of the nucleus to be read at the ribosomes for assembly of the various proteins.

Civilization has taken a slightly different approach. First, the information is more distributed. All machinery/human equivalents are not made in a central information repository like the nucleus. Instead the human is prepared in the equivalent of the nucleolus (schools) until they are ready to engage the protein (tool) component of their productive activity. Schools are the nucleoli of civilization. Even after your mother gives birth to you, as far as civilization is concerned, you are not born until you graduate from high school and are capable of interfacing with the tools of your productive existence. After you are born (graduate) from high school or college (nucleolus), you are ready to enter one of the cells, engage a machine, and start your productive activity. The machinery component, because they are so varied, will come from many different factories and sources, but inside the cell all of the machinery, being identical, are produced on-site. Just being born was sufficient when we occupied the ecosystem, but a long period of education must be undertaken before being born (graduation) into the job market and the technological cells of civilization.

Humans inside one of the distributed nucleoli of technological civilization where they will be prepared to function with society’s tools and build analog mind before birth (graduation) sometime around the age of eighteen. Do these students know they’re being prepared to function within a cancer? Or do they relish the thought of an autophagy that will temporarily make them comfortable before the cancer leads to collapse?

As students today vie to get the highest paying jobs in the cancer cells, they are little aware as to what’s going on. I would have to surmise that no one at Harvard or Yale or MIT or any of those places, the premier nucleoli,  realize what they are or what they’re doing.

“And where do you work?” “I’m a professor in a nucleolus, creating productive citizens for business and government to create growth and prosperity.”

“And what is your job, man on the street?” “I work long hours on the lathe. They (tRNA) bring me materials and I shape them into useful tools (enzymes).”

Very good, yes indeed. All self-organized and mindlessly executed.

Besides their function in factories of various sorts, the human RNA will also reproduce, thereby providing the feedstock to be fed into the nucleoli for shaping into productive members of society. The ribosomal RNA production in the nucleolus is likely controlled by some negative feedback. Some have said that by putting women to work, it will serve as a negative feedback on reproduction. But since we continue to add 80 million humans a year to the cancerous growth, it doesn’t work all that well. Just another example of human delusion.

Nucleolus, dark area inside a nucleus inside a cell. Think of it as the as the equivalent of all schools existing in a single location where students graduate to work within the cell.