Putting together a cell is an involved process. First, you must have a product in mind. Then you must employ engineers to design the process that will create the product. Then you must hire an architect and yet more engineers to design and build the cellular enclosure that will house the process. The entrepreneur in this project will be monitoring prices and putting them in a pro forma analysis to make sure the product sales cover the production costs. Next you have to consider the regulatory environment, if there is any – wage rates, work rules, pollution regulation and availability of nearby transport, like roadways, railways, airports and perhaps warehouses. Once everything looks good on paper and your project manager gets the factory cell built, you will rely upon your marketing group to create a negative pressure of want and need at one end of the factory so that a positive pressure of energy and resources may flow in at the other end. Then accounting will monitor the performance of the cell while management fine tunes the operation. The goal is growth and return on investment, the faster, the better.

The investor class.

Most recently, due to comparatively  unfavorable conditions, new companies listed on the NYSE, AMEX and NSDAQ have been shrinking. This is due mostly to the fact that environmental regulations are more lax in other areas and the cost of employing RNA to work in your process is much less, even considering the costs of shipping your product half-way round the world.

You can see on this graph how the number of companies has been shrinking substantially while growth has been much more robust in places like China where conditions for cellular growth are more favorable with few environmental regulations and smart, capable RNA too numerous to count. In fact, recently China used as much concrete in three years as the United States used in the entire twentieth century. Now that’s some awesome cancerous growth. Unfortunately lots of concrete and roads and cells don’t make you rich, they just allow you to burn your wealth. Gradients of gas, oil, coal, soils, fresh water, fisheries and many more will soon be gone.

These RNA, wrapping cigars in a Cuban factory, are not the investor class. They’re simply factors of production that investors want to hire at the least cost so as to maximize profit to themselves. Undoubtedly many of the investor “fat cats” will enjoy the product of this factory as they contemplate the expansion of their portfolios.

If you can get a technological cell or two going, using unwitting and desperate RNA, like the ones above, you can end-up squirreling away enough money to end-up like this guy, also in Cuba. Notice cigar in mouth. Of course it helps to make the right connections to get your start-up money in the first place. Eventually you’re too big to fail and you can party in Davos. Too big to fail? How about too stupid not to fail.

But, isn’t this what cancer is all about? Living the good life, at least as long as the resource and energy gradients exist and the ecosystem/body isn’t too disrupted to continue plundering.  Forget the kids, they’ll have to fend for themselves, and anyway they were just a by-product of mucho dopasexo.  Ondalay! Ondalay!