I’ve always thought that the brain of the organism was somehow homologous to the governmental structures of human societies. Recently this has only been reinforced as I consider the phenomenon of hunger. Within the human brain there is an old and important structure known as the hypothalamus, a small almond-shaped structure at the base of the brain with many different nuclei, responsible for monitoring key parameters of homeostasis, like glucose levels, blood pressure and libido. That there should be an equivalent structure monitoring societal homeostasis is not beyond reason.

“Wiithin the brain, a number of anatomical regions are recognised to play a role in metabolic homeostasis [3 and 4]. However, the hypothalamus in particular is critical in sensing and integrating signals from the periphery and effecting appropriate physiological changes to maintain homeostasis.”


Shown in the picture above is the hypothalamus (Trumpothalamus) in blue with the attached Twitter (pituitary) for sending hormonal messages throughout the body.

The hunger signal is an important one physiologically, second only to signals emanating from a lack of oxygen and lack of water.  I believe that the most recent presidential election in the United States was decided by just such a hunger signal coming from a large geographic area of the country. The hunger was not for glucose in the bloodstream, but rather fiat in the banking account. The human RNA, in their many metabolic operations, are having a hard time making ends meet, maintaining cells, getting the kids educated, feeding themselves so that they may remain healthy and perform adequately and especially challenging has been maintaining all of the various debt payments, taxes and health insurance payments while wages fail to grow. The outcome of the election resulted from  a “hunger pang” that overcame other esoteric considerations. Trump, the new president, is what happens when hunger becomes the overriding signal within the hypothalamus and you don’t mess around when the RNA are hungry.

Trump will make America great again or will at least try to put a little more cash in the American human RNA pockets. (Hasbro’s Stretch Armstrong, but there is a likeness.)

Trump has already made some proposals to alleviate economic hunger in the United States including building a wall between Mexico and the United States, renegotiating trade deals with trading partners, trashing the TPP, eliminating Obamacare, eliminating regulations, opening-up public lands, making NATO partners pay a greater share, supporting the Dakota and XL pipelines and putting pressure on manufacturer’s to move jobs back to the United States.

The real problem, however, is the ever-falling net energy obtainable by society from the fossil fuels we consume. There’s not a whole lot he can do about that. The total number of societal metabolic interactions will have to fall as the energy necessary to accomplish them is no longer available and this will result in unemployment. The hunger pangs will grow louder and may eventually result in an aggressive taking of remaining high EROEI fuel reserves somewhere in the world.

Once most of the technological civilization is at standstill and climatic externalities add to the burden, the human RNA will themselves begin to starve and the Trumpothalamus will have become insignificant as the civilizational body breaks down. On an individual human basis, the hypothalamus will still be monitoring the low glucose levels of the body, but the mind will have few behavioral options that produce more energy than they burn. Eventually there’s not enough energy to do anything except hope that someone else with a surplus brings you some food.  It all could have been avoided if humans were rational, but they’re not, they’re guided by the Maximum Power Principle to acquire wealth and reproduce maximally until it’s no longer possible and hope that their fat reserves carry them through the die-off resulting from overshoot. They scramble to eat and pack on the fat (wealth) before it’s all gone and then they hide so as not to become someone’s meal. The rich are busily buying remote outposts at this time.

Starving in India (Photo from the Wellcome Trust.) The fat is gone, the muscle is going and then you just wait. Those in the northern temperate zones will likely never reach this state of emaciation, but will freeze to death first or perish for lack of medical care to treat their industrial disease.