Dissipative structures or conduits are not deterred from predatorily seeking additional resources even if this behavior is not in keeping with their intratribal morality. To accomplish this feat, the holder of coveted resources or territory, a nation that thereto may have been friendly or neutral, becomes the victim of the vilest chicanery through false flag operations. A false flag operation is a planned operation to make the target nation appear to have committed a heinous act, domestic or foreign, which then justifies retribution in furtherance of some preordained goal.

See more about false flags here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/False_flag

The false flag operation is usually accompanied by a preplanned propaganda campaign that goes into effect immediately, calling attention to the wrongdoing, vilifying the supposed culprit and calling for retalliation or elimination of the guilty parties. The propaganda campaign is meant to manufacture consent (Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media (1988), by Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky) amongst the predatory nation’s population for those actions necessary to gain some resource or strategic advantage and uses the innate tribalism of the population to accomplish its goals. At this point, the truth or facts are not important, but rather impressions are all important. Pharmaceutical companies use the similar tactics in their advertising, providing an engaging and attractive visual impression to viewers while reading in monotone the side-effects and drawbacks of their medicines. Impression is all important in the general population, not facts or reasoning. The faster you can call someone the devil, or evil, or Hitler or a dictator, the better, and repeat it often until the impression is firmly fixed in vulnerable minds. While doing so, provide visual stimuli for additional negative impact. Next comes the moral response to rid the world of the evil influence, sometimes called regime change. Include a few more graphics of dead babies (or throwing babies out of incubators), arrange a Nayirah testimony and you’re almost good to go.


President George W. Bush strolling at the ranch with a special friend Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah

Was it a false flag, an unknown unknown, or simply a known known that got out of hand?

These deceptions are all part and parcel of operating as a predatory nation. After watching the recent episode in Syria with chemical weapons and Tomahawk missiles, and other similar instances, the “evil monster” story is becoming a bit lame. There was Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, the Ayatollah, and now Assad, all evil monsters. Who’s next? Putin? As Forrest Gump might say, “evil is as evil does”. But one does not successively dispose of “evil monsters” unless one has a plan. What is the plan? My guess is that nations, being subject to death without adequate nutrition, are simply securing adequate supplies and routes for future fossil fuel delivery and must not inform the public of the peril of not obtaining adequate supplies. The United States campaigning in the Middle East reminds me of Sherman’s March to the Sea sowing destruction all the way, except this time it’s a march to the oil and natural gas. But not to worry, Europe will absorb the stunned stragglers into their loving embrace.


While emotionless strategic planners (“we came, we saw, he died” – Hillary Clinton in regard to the murder of Muammar Gaddafi), make chess moves, especially to meet personal, banking and corporate needs, the public is fed emotion-laden fabrications which elicit support for the predatory behaviors.

Propaganda can even work at home as with this Newsweek magazine that came out shortly after Donald Trump became President. Just a coincidence?  Hitler was a very effective psychopath and there are many of them in the general population, business and government. I don’t think Trump is a psychopath, but it’s not beyond the media to seek retribution against a President that berated the media executives for broadcasting “fake” news. Of course “it” (war/genocide) could happen again, and be much, much worse as the metabolic collapse gathers speed. Propaganda was being used in the United States long before Hitler came to power and both Hitler and Joseph Geobbels were fans of Edward Bernays that wrote “Crystallizing Public Opinion” in 1923 and “Propaganda” in 1928.


Edward Bernays, The Father Of American Propaganda


Deception is widespread in the ecosystem and there’s no doubt that the human mind has evolved to be adept at subterfuge. The medial prefrontal cortex (social brain) is monitoring the social environment for opportunities to gain wealth without upsetting the sensibilities of other humans, but someone always takes the last cookie (or the whole box of cookies). Recognizing deception is somewhat counteracted in many people by the optimism bias that encourages a sunny view of human nature.

Above is anti-propaganda propaganda poster  from WWII, only today it’s Fox news broadcasting in one ear and CNN broadcasting in the other. The bamboozled citizen remains the same.

Put “ISIS” on that sleeve and you have an effective propaganda for the United States current embroilment within the Middle East. Puppies and babies impaled by a dagger along with flag burning will also elicit strong emotions from the citizenry.

The take away message is that the national systems still strive for growth and assimilation of energy and resources and can clear a path with murder and deceit, all justified by the likely outcome of failing to act (an economy grinding to a halt, collapse of the financial system and starvation of the domestic population). The natural human tendency towards tribalism guarantees that there will be a “them” to take from until the human experiment is over. Governments will create a “them” if it’s necessary as an expedient to maintaining military readiness. Even a one world government with common language and identity, if that were possible, would not overcome the tendency for some individuals to cheat the system and accumulate an unfair share of resources resulting in societal bifurcation and tribal conflict. Eventually, the organism that was promoted to cancerhood and tasked with eliminating the energy tied-up in soil, biomass, fossil fuels and more, will accomplish its task bigley before starving within its own toxic excrement. The earth will be a place of eternal conflict and strife as long as conduits compete aggressively for thin margins of profit pursuing the Maximum Power Principle.