It’s becoming more obvious that the Western banking cartel and associated media are pulling all of the strings behind the facade of democracy and freedom. Politicians do not have freedom of action to pursue goals at odds with the banking cartel, whose main goal is cancer or growth promotion by lending “money” to those able to repay loans by bringing more goods into the general circulation. The importance of the “credit score” is simply a way to grade slaves as to their ability to feed the banks. Cash and “deposits” are mostly a mirage to make people think that the money is real and not just created out of nothing.

Economy equals metabolism of gradients, taking substances from the environment and pulling them into the general circulation of the civilization. Barter – slow and cumbersome, limited contact in space and time. Eventually, trading centers would be established and cities would form to bring more goods together for exchange or “reactions” could take place.

Money is a standard upon which everything can be priced and traditionally hard money (gold/silver) could be exchanged for goods at one point in time and not deteriorate before being exchanged for other good a later time. Sell 100 bushels of corn now, save the gold which will not deteriorate, and buy fertilizer and cows in the Spring.

Eventually the amount of gold cannot keep up with the potential growth, especially as fossil fuels become available. The government can print money but cannot mine gold fast enough to backstop it. The price of gold would reach many thousands of dollars per ounce. Instead, money can be printed and only a percentage of money can be backstopped with gold. The the gold standard can be abandoned entirely as growth explodes and the general circulation of the cancer grows much larger.

Eventually loans are made simply on the prospects of success in bringing marketable goods into the general circulation so that interest may be made by banks. The more “good” loans, the better. Capitalism and expansion of the cancer mean more loans and more profits. Militaries are used to access new areas for exploitation and to soften regimes that do not fully embrace exponential capitalism.

Eventually, at the limits to growth, more money can be created, but more commodity and finished goods cannot be produced. If RNA are given too many wages for their work when total commodities in circulation are falling, then inflation of prices occurs. Wherever money is lent freely or an extortionate situation exists, prices rise relentlessly like in higher education, housing and medical care.

The Western banking cartel is a for profit business. Their business plan involves expanding lending into the cancer to spur its growth and pillage of the natural environment. They are majority owners in the large media conglomerates and control the “message” fed to the population.

Getting rich is good.(Warren Buffett, Elon Musk and other bullshit.)

Growth can go on forever.

Freedom and democracy must be spread around the world (equals capitalism equals more loans banks can make for profit.)

Environmentalism stands in the way of capitalism (banking profit).

Governments (the swamp) is well greased with money to go along with the program.

I suppose these developments could be predicted by some now incomplete thermodynamic theory like the Maximum Power Principle, where a blow-out of growth occurs (and it has) and then dies down to nothing. Like a bonfire, it doesn’t burn at a measured pace, but at the maximum rate possible. They don’t tell you what happens when it’s over, but rather keep you pacified as you participate in the building of your own degraded “prison planet.”


Repeat this to yourself Lietaer: “Growth is good, substitution, substitution, substitution, freedom and democracy, there are no limits on a finite planet.”


Governments exist to cheerlead capitalism and provide military force when limits are met as banks grow their loan portfolios as fresh tissue is metabolized. Communists and environmentalists are on the black list, climate change is a hoax, as well as anything standing in the way of expansion of the banking system.


Russian interference in elections. Maybe just a ploy to get the “chips” installed so that real democracy can be verified with every vote. Will probably require a large catastrophe to get all the sheep lined-up for chipping. I actually think they’re a day late and a dollar short to implement any of their ill-conceived plans.

We need more babies for growth so we can make more loans.